Dog Kennels in Carrington

Dog Kennels in CarringtonDog kennels in Carrington are the ideal solution when you need a safe place for your dog while you and your family are away from home. Planning a family holiday is fun, until you realise that you need to find someone to care for your dog during this time. It is not always a good idea to rely on your neighbour, or family member to come to your home to feed your dog in your absence. What is they forget? Or if they accidently let your dog out of the garden? To avoid these kinds of problems, use the services of professional dog kennels.

Regardless of how long you plan to be away, it will bring you peace of mind knowing that your precious member of the family is cared for and safe. In Carrington, dog kennels are situated in the heart of Dunham Massey.  Located in 200+ acres of beautiful Cheshire countryside, our family run business is an ideal place to leave your dog while you and your family are away on holiday.  To find out more about dog kennels that will pamper your pooch, speak to Roe Clare Cattery. We are a family of animal lovers and we are dedicated to the animals in our care. With a great environment for dogs, we offer spacious, comfortable and warm dog kennels. Our dog kennels are also heated, ensuring that your dog stays warm and comfortable. All the dogs in our care receive regular exercise, with 3 walks a day and a beautiful orchard area in which to play ball, run around and play with our dedicated staff members.  All dogs are welcome at our dog kennels, all we ask of you is that your dog is fully vaccinated.

Dog kennels in Carrington also have a dedicated on-site veterinary nurse to tend to his needs. For more information about our dog kennels, contact Roe Clare Cattery.  Our emphasis is on providing a loving and safe environment for your beloved pet. You can rest assured that your dog will enjoy his holiday as much as you will yours!