Small Pet Boarding in Timperley

Small Pet Boarding in TimperleyAt Roe Clare Cattery, we provide small pet boarding in Timperley. That doesn’t mean just cats and dogs although we are well-known for our cattery and kennels. Animal lovers are not limited to just cats and dogs. They are just as attached to their pet hamsters, rabbits, gerbils and more. We are aware these small pets are often left on their own when the family leaves town for a few days. There are few to no options available for their care so their humans fill the food and water dispensers, pack in fresh bedding and hope for the best. Miss Kitty and Butch the dog are whisked off to our comfy boarding facility while Chester the Chinchilla and Gerty the Guinea Pig are left to the fates.

Nestled here in our beautiful 200 acres of Cheshire countryside, our family and staff at Roe Clare could not let the oversight of the smallest of the smalls continue. Now in Timperley, small pet boarding at Roe Clare is recognised as the best option for our customers small pets. We have created a protected area for the homes of your easily contented and undemanding pets. We will watch over them, make sure they are safe and warm with plenty of fresh food, water and sweet smelling bedding. They will be comforted by the mild stimulation of staff members caring for them. Your family members will be comforted by the knowledge their small pets are safe while you enjoy your holiday.

There is no time limit for small pet boarding in Timperley at Roe Clare Cattery or dog and cat boarding. We are here for your pets as long as needed. We have a veterinary nurse on site and staff is here around the clock seven days a week. Contact us and tell us about your small pet and boarding needs. You can rest easy knowing your pets are safe and cared for while you are away. You are welcome to tour our facility and see for yourself how well cared for all of our guests are. Bring one or the whole menagerie and you will return home to happy and healthy fur babies. They won’t thank you but at least you will know you did the right thing.