Dog Kennels in Warburton

Dog Kennels in WarburtonLook for dog kennels in Warburton if you have leave your pet while you are away for a few days. It can be a distressing thought leaving your best friend behind while you visit another town for business. If the usual dog sitter is unavailable and your neighbour is away herself, the next best bet is to find a reputable kennel to care for your dog. We understand how anxious you may be at the thought of leaving your dog in the care of strangers. At Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels, we are a family of animal lovers and provide top rate dog kennels where our doggy visitors are treated like royalty.

Pay us a visit and have a look at our spacious, warm and comfortable kennels. In Warburton, dog kennels at Roe Clare can be seen as a dog’s home away from home. With a spacious environment in the Cheshire countryside, your dog will have his own holiday while you are away. Our dog kennels are fully heated to provide your pet comfort and safety in your absence.  Our main aim is to provide a safe and caring environment for your dog, you can rest assured that he will be well looked after. We have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site who will administer any medication if required. All our visiting dogs eat a healthy balanced doggy diet and are taken on 3 daily walks in our beautiful countryside. Our staff members are experienced and love the animals in their care, so your dog will receive all the attention and affection he needs.

Dog kennels in Warburton are an ideal solution when you have to leave town for a few days. You can rest assured that your dog is in good hands. For more information about our rates and conditions, contact Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels. We know that your pup will feel at home here with us, so put your mind at ease and use our dog kennels when you need to visit another town on business.