Rabbit Boarding in Hale

Rabbit Boarding in HaleRabbit boarding in Hale is included in the care that Roe Clare Cattery provides for all your animals while you are away from home. Ours is a family owned and operated animal boarding facility on 200 acres. Our facility is never unattended. Our cattery and dog kennels are warm, comfortable and safe. You can feel confident your pets are being well cared for when you are away. Young children who have small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and others may be anxious about their pets while they are away. It’s not just a rabbit. The animal is as important to the child as your dog or cat is to you even though they may not live inside the house with you. We have plenty of room at Roe Clare Cattery so we have set aside an area where small animals like your treasured rabbit can be safely cared for while you are away.

Many rabbit owners house their rabbit inside their home in an x pen or in well-sheltered areas in garages or barns. In Hale, rabbit boarding with Roe Clare meets the needs of the rabbit to stay warm, have plenty of fresh bedding, food, water and exercise. Your rabbit is likely used to being handled and spoken to so be assured he will have plenty of human interaction. There is no chance of predators penetrating our small animal boarding facility. Rabbits thrive on a high fibre vegetarian diet and while all need their body weight in hay each day we are careful to stay with foods to which your rabbit is already conditioned.

Rabbit boarding in Hale is just as important as dog and cat boarding at Roe Clare. Rabbits can get into mischief if left alone with a cage door open and if the cage door is closed for days with no exercise bunny will suffer from the confinement. Contact Roe Clare Cattery or drop by any time to tour our pet boarding facility. You don’t need an appointment since we are always on site. Visit our small animal boarding area. Then, while you are away from home, you can imagine your bunny in a safe and happy place.