Rabbit Boarding in Hale Barns

Rabbit Boarding in Hale BarnsIf you looking for rabbit boarding in Hale Barns look no further than Roe Clare Cattery. Our facilities¬† are perfect for when you have to go away on business or holiday and have to leave your little furry friends behind. People always worry about leaving a dog or cat alone at home but in truth, you shouldn’t leave any pet alone at home. Anything could happen to your animals while you are gone so you should always have someone watching them. Here, at Roe Clare Cattery, that is exactly what we do, we take care of your pets when you can’t.

If you own a rabbit in Hale Barns, rabbit boarding at our farm is reliable, safe and luxurious. We will give your bunny all the love and attention it needs. Our wonderful staff are friendly, dedicated, animal lovers that will make your bunny feel right at home. We have a qualified vet on call 24/7 and we will make sure that your friend has all its dietary and medical needs taken care of. All we ask is that your pet is fully vaccinated. In addition to rabbits, we also take care or guinea pigs, hamsters, cats and have a separate kennel for dogs which are equally looked after and taken for 3 walks a day. So if you have to leave town for any reason, Roe Clare Cattery is here to help.

Our rabbit boarding in Hale Barns is trustworthy and highly recommended. We are so proud of our establishment that we encourage visitors. For more information about how we can help with rabbit boarding, ¬†contact Roe Clare Cattery. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your pet here yet, come visit us, no appointment is necessary, and we can assure you that you and your pet will love it here. Have a look at our facility and meet our friendly staff. Here your pet will feel like they are on holiday and knowing that, you can now relax and enjoy your holiday too.