Dog Kennels in Little Bollington

dog kennels in Little BollingtonThere are dog kennels in Little Bollington that will cater to your pooches every need. Our kennels have been especially designed to be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all dogs. There are covered runs for days when the weather is inclement and doggy play areas where your dog can make friends with others of his own kind. Many dogs enjoy this experience of meeting new friends on neutral territory. They are able to play with other friendly dogs and work off any excess energy. There are always enough other dogs to allow them to choose their new friends.

This is the time of year when everyone goes on holiday. In Little Bollington, dog kennels are often a concern of the careful dog owner. Most responsible owners want to be sure their pet is well cared for while they are away. We take the dogs for at least one daily walk on our large property and allow them to experience country life with all the fun that new experiences bring. They are given fresh vet bedding to sleep on as it is hygienic and warm. The kennels are heated and can accommodate more than one dog if you are a two dog family. The water is regularly changed to ensure it is always fresh and we serve only the most nutritious and tasty food.

We supply dog kennels in Little Bollington for the fastidious dog owner. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today and book your dog in for a fun and exciting stay with us. We welcome prospective customers to come and view the premises to set their minds at ease. Dogs are welcome to stay for a day or a month so long as they have up to date vaccinations. This is to ensure that there are no diseases transmitted to other animals staying with us and protects your pets as well as everyone else’s. Our kennels and cattery are situated in the country and bring the added benefit of fresh air. Our cattery is on the same property but in a different area to the kennels. All your pets can be accommodated at our luxury kennels.