Pet Boarding in Urmston

Pet Boarding in UrmstonPet boarding in Urmston facilities brings peace of mind to those who are planning a family holiday. Plans are often either put on hold or altered as the family’s pets need care while you are away and there is no-one available to ‘pet sit’. Roe Clare Cattery offers first-rate boarding facilities not only for cats and dogs but for all the family’s pets. Your rabbit, guinea pig and hamsters can have a holiday at the same time as the bigger pets and the rest of the family.

When you are making holiday arrangements in Urmston, pet boarding facilities should be first on your to-do list. By using our services, you won’t have to worry about whether James from next door will forget to feed the rabbit or make sure that the hamster’s cage is shut tight. You will also be able to take all the family’s pets in one trip, making it easier and more convenient. Our dedicated staff are all animal lovers and will treat all your pets with love and care. They will care for your pets as though they are their own. Our facility has different designated areas for the different types of pet boarders, so you can be sure they will be safe and secure while they are with us. Cats have their own spacious heated chalets, while dogs are housed in spacious warm and comfortable kennels. We have a qualified on-site veterinary nurse who will ensure that your animals will receive any medical care should it be necessary.

Pet boarding in Urmston means that you and your family can enjoy your hard earned holiday knowing that the family’s pets are safe and cared for. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today to find out more about our pet boarding facilities. Why not pay us a visit? No appointment is necessary and you can see our quality boarding facilities on offer. We think you will be pleased with the accommodation for your pets. All pets, large and small, furry and fluffy are welcome at our pet boarding facilities!