Dog Kennels in Knutsford

Dog Kennels in KnutsfordThere is a lot of emotion involved in finding just the right dog kennels in Knutsford to care for your dog while you are away on holiday. The emotion may be your own guilt and anxiety because you fear your dog is feeling abandoned. Research shows that we miss our dogs more than they miss us. There need not be any stress for your dog when boarding him while you are away if you handle it right. Find a kennel that is safe and comfortable and maintain a confident countenance when leaving. Here at Roe Clare Cattery our dog kennels are heated and the animals are surrounded by animal lovers who give them affectionate attention, food and water. They quickly catch on that there’s a new leader in the pack but they are safe and comfortable. They will feel more comforted if you bring a familiar ball, blanket or chew toy.

Our kennel guests are happy to discover there is plenty of carefully supervised exercise and play time. For those in Knutsford, dog kennels attendants take your dog for three long walks a day. What is long for one dog may not be long for another. We customise the walk distance to the dogs’ expectations and abilities. We also have a safe play area for rousing games of tag and fetch for your dog and his staff member. Your dog will be happy and content; not pining away as you imagine. So enjoy your holiday and when you return your dog will greet you the same as he does at home when you return from the grocery or get up in the morning. It’s new and exciting all over again.

It’s a short and pleasant drive to dog Kennels in Knutsford. We are in Dunham Massey in Cheshire County safely tucked away on over 200 acres. It’s less than 30 minutes from the centre of Manchester. Your dog will catch the scent of the fresh country air before you arrive. Contact Roe Clare Cattery and schedule a tour of our facility and the grounds. Visit our current guests and see how our family cares for your devoted companion as if he were our own. It will put your mind at ease and help you look forward to a restful holiday.