Cat Boarding in Altrincham

Cat Boarding in AltrinchamCat boarding in Altrincham  is available at Roe Clare Cattery, nestled on 200 acres of mostly undisturbed nature in the Cheshire countryside. We are not your average cat boarding facility but a home away from home for your precious furry friends. Some will tell you that cats can take care of themselves so you need not board them when you go on holiday. I suppose if push comes to shove they can and so could your dog, your grandma and your kids. If all you want is to return home to a cat that is still alive your chances are good that will happen if you leave them alone. However, for those of you who consider their pets important parts of the family, you are looking to return home to a healthy stable and well cared for cat.

We at Roe Clare Cattery have put great thought into how we care for cats. For cat lovers in Altrincham, cat boarding with us means peace of mind for you and comfort for your cat. Each guest cat has his or her own heated chalet with a comfy bed for napping and watching the world go by. There is play space to mingle with other guest cats and get a little exercise. Fresh water is always plentiful and nutritious food served on schedule each day. Cats feel safe with a familiar routine. Unlike some cat boarding facilities, Roe Care Cattery is staffed around the clock. It is our family home so your pets are never left on the premises alone. We have a veterinary nurse on staff to care for your pet’s health with medication or special diet.

Cat boarding in Altrincham means you can relax and enjoy your time away from home without worrying the cat may have spilled the week’s worth of water you left or gotten stuck on top of a cabinet while exploring. Cats are gifted at getting closed in a room with no way out where they will stay until you arrive home. Contact Roe Clare Cattery for questions about our reasonable rates for cat boarding¬† and then drive out to have a look at our facility first hand. You will enjoy your time away from home without worrying if the neighbours remembered to stop by and check the cat without letting the cat escape. Really, do you need more to worry about as you prepare to leave town for week or two?