Dog Kennels in Altrincham

Dog Kennels in AltrinchamDog kennels in Altrincham are very important as many people need to travel for business. With life being so busy, we also need to get away for a break every now and then. Unfortunately, it is not practical and in most places allowable to take your pets with you. You need to source a top class kennel for your dog. There is one in your area that caters for your dog in every way. Why not contact Roe Clare Cattery to find out more about our dog kennels? We have a qualified veterinary nurse on the staff to ensure that your dog has the very best possible care. If your pet is on medication, the nurse is capable and qualified to administer it.

When you need somewhere for your dog to board in Altrincham, dog kennels of the highest standard are available. Your dog will be pampered and fed the top quality food. He will have his own individually heated sleeping area and a covered run so that he can exercise even when it rains. Walks are a part of the fun aspect of being away from home. Here they are allowed to make friends with other dogs and to play to their heart’s content. This is wonderful for dogs who are usually kept on their own. It gives them a chance to socialise with others which all dogs need. Although they often behave like little humans, they really enjoy mixing with their own kind. Our staff all have many years of experience with animals and work at the kennel because they love dogs. Your dog will really enjoy its time at the kennels, although he will miss you. There will be so many new smells and friends to investigate that time will fly by for him.

Dog kennels in Altrincham are the safest place to leave your pet while you are gone. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today to book your dog in for a doggy holiday of his own at our dog kennels. You can go away without feeling guilty, knowing that he is having a good time and will be well looked after.