Cattery in Northern Moor

Cattery in Northern MoorAt our cattery in Northern Moor we want our clients to know their cats are welcome here for as long as you need them to stay. Most of us think about catteries for times when go on vacation. However, many of our clients have used our services for other important reasons. When moving house the household is in disruption and doors are often left open. Your cat slips outside and hides from the commotion. Hours after the removal truck has left for your new home you are still there, looking for your precious cat. Animals are intuitive and they don’t like change. A good idea would be to leave your car in our care until the move is completed.

Our cattery was designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. In Northern Moor, a cattery is available with their own heated space and all the attention they crave. Any special medical or dietary needs will be carefully attended to. We have a veterinary nurse on staff and attendants on site around the clock seven days a week. There is plenty of fresh air and while we board other animals, the cattery is kept separate from the other animals. You will see we have plenty of room to spread out on our 200 acres. We will keep to your cat’s feeding schedule so there is a little disruption as possible.

Life events happen to all of us so when you need a cattery in Northern Moor, Roe Clare is here to help with your cat’s care. Perhaps a relative with cat allergies is coming visit. Or maybe you or a family member are scheduled for a surgical procedure. Contact Roe Clare Cattery and let us be part of the solution for whatever disruption comes your way. You handle everything else and we’ll make sure your cat is loved, safe and warm for as long as you need us. All the same is true if you have multiple cats. In fact, we have “family units” so your cats will be comfortable living just as they do at home.