Kennels in Sale Moor

Kennels in Sale MoorIt is always hard to place your pets in kennels in Sale Moor, regardless of whether it is your first vacation or the tenth one. Your pets are used to their homes and might not welcome the change and adding the fact that they will definitely miss and sulk over your absence only makes it harder. However, with us at Roe Clare, your beloved pet’s gloominess will be short-lived. The family business is located on 200 acres in the Cheshire countryside and offers one of the most beautiful scenic and running tracks for the pets.

In Sale Moor, our kennels are the ideal place if you want to leave your pets for a short while. We understand whether you need to go on a trip or you will not be able to look after your pet for a few days, and as we have been boarding dogs and cats for quite a while, we are more than happy to help you out. Of course, we have a fully qualified veterinary nurse available in case your pets have any complications or need to have their medications administered to them. We will also make sure that all dietary rules are followed during their stay here. They will be looked after throughout the whole day and night, your pets will be placed in very spacious individual chalets that are heated and they are welcome to stay as long as they need. Our team of dedicated staff will be there to give them the love and care that they deserve throughout their stay with us. Apart from healthy and balanced meals, they will be walked about three times every day, so you know that they will not be bored here.

You are more than welcome to pay a visit to our kennels in Sale Moor, there is no need to make an appointment, just drop by whenever you feel like it. Your pet dog will enjoy making new friends, they will have ample place to run and they will definitely meet some new friends. For more information about kennels, contact Roe Clare.