Small Pets Boarding in Cheshire

Small Pets Boarding in CheshireIt is time for your annual holiday and a place that offers small pets boarding in Cheshire is precisely what you need for the hamster and rabbits while you are away. You may have relied on the teenager down the road in the past to feed the pets when you and your family went on holiday. Or you might have asked family members or friends. Since the hamster and rabbits joined the family, however, the usual caregivers have been a little reluctant to offer their services.

In Cheshire, small pets boarding is exactly what you need. A safe, comfortable place for the family’s pets while you are enjoying your hard earned holiday. Roe Clare Cattery is a family run business that takes the caring of pets seriously. The staff is dedicated and will treat the hamster and rabbits with the care they deserve. Separate, warm and clean enclosures are available for small pets. Roe Clare doesn’t only look after small pets, they also offer top quality boarding kennels and a cattery. Now there is no need to search for kennels for the dog as well, as all the pets, large and small, can be safely boarded at Roe Clare.

Small pets boarding in Cheshire will bring you peace of mind knowing that the children’s pet hamster and rabbits will be properly cared for. It would be absolutely terrible if you came home from your holiday and something had happened to the hamsters. By using the facilities on offer at Roe Clare, you will avoid any such unpleasant surprises. A fully qualified veterinary nurse is on site, and should the pets need attention, they will be seen to straight away. Roe Clare welcomes visitors during their opening hours, so if you would like to visit them and see how happy the boarders are, you are most welcome to stop by. When you need a place that offers small pets boarding facilities, contact Roe Clare.