Kennels in Timperley

Kennels in TimperleyHow would you like to vacation on over 200 acres of scenic Cheshire countryside, complete with kennels in Timperley? Not you, it is for your dog. Ask him that the next time you need to go out of town and leave him behind. Roe Clare Cattery has kennels where your best friend can spend some time in the country being pampered. Bring your dog with you for a tour of our facilities. One whiff of that country air electrified with new smells and your dog will pack his own bag and meet you in the car. He thinks it is possible that he got a whiff of cats and maybe a horse. The anticipation has him in a spin. Your only worry will be how to get him to go home with you.

In Timperley, kennels at Roe Clare Cattery is a safe and comfortable environment for your pup. He will enjoy three long walks a day with a friendly attendant. Plus, there is opportunity for some social time to romp in the orchard with other guests. Back at the kennel, your pup will find his favourite dinner food, plenty of fresh water and a warm comfortable bed. He will find plenty of personal space in the spacious kennel. Roe Clare is a veterinary nurse so if your dog needs medication, insulin shots, food enzymes or any other medical care, he’s in good hands. They are also careful to adhere to any dietary restrictions prescribed for your dog.

During your dog’s stay at Roe Clare’s kennels in Timperley, you may schedule a spa day for your pooch. He will love it. A nice brushing and then a sudsy shampoo to make him feel and smell clean. They will trim up the long hairs if needed or if you prefer, shave him right down to the skin. You choose the style. Professional nail clipping is part of the package topped off by a nice paw pad massage. The animal care givers at Roe Clare Kennels are dedicated to the safety and comfort of your family pet. If your dog has a pet of his own like a cat, rabbit or hamster we can accommodate them in a separate kennel area. Relax, Roe Clare Kennels has been boarding animals for over 20 years. They are very good care givers. For more information about kennels, contact Roe Clare Cattery and Kennels.