Cat Boarding in Lymm

Cat Boarding in LymmWhen you need cat boarding in Lymm, contact Roe Clare Cattery. People do not own cats. Cats have people as servants. If you have a cat, you will know the truth of this statement. Cats demand attention, when they want it. They treat you with disdain when they do not. They will allow you to pet them when they are in the mood, and they will ignore you completely when they are not. If they are hungry they are persistent and will not cease bothering you until you have fed them. If they wish to be loved they will work themselves onto your lap without you realising it. As far as cats are concerned, you exist to serve them. They can be very magnanimous and will allow you to pet and groom them, but on their terms.

In Lymm, cat boarding is offered by Roe Clare Cattery. They understand the temperament and behavior of cats and will look after your cat as if it is their own. Cats are given their own individually heated chalets and are treated like royalty. Make no mistake: Roe Clare Cattery is a vacation for your precious pet.

Cat boarding in Lymm is one of the services offered by Roe Clare Cattery. They will also look after all manner of small pets as well as dogs. All fur-kids are welcome at Roe Clare. They have the knowledge to take care of all pets and, most importantly, they have the love and passion. They understand that what your dog really needs when you are away is a lot of love and attention. You are not just looking for someone to feed your loyal companion when you are away. You are looking for a home away from home where they will be showered with love. You want to know that they will have company and stimulation. In the beautiful surrounds of Roe Clare Cattery your pets will feel welcome. There is a veterinary nurse always available at Roe Clare so you know your pets will receive the appropriate attention if a medical emergency occurs. And apart from that they will be well fed, well looked after and, most importantly, well loved. For more information about cat boarding, contact Roe Clare Cattery.