Cat Boarding in Lymm

Cat Boarding in LymmCat boarding in Lymm is the perfect solution when you are planning on leaving town for a few days. Asking your friendly neighbour to look after your precious cat could be a solution, but there is always the risk that your cat falls ill, or escapes when the door is open. In order to avoid any complications, it is wiser to leave your cat at a boarding facility. You will be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about whether your cat is doing okay. Cat boarding also means that your cat will receive his food at the right time, be given attention and love, and best of all, will be safe until you return.

Whether you are going away on holiday or a short business trip, you need the peace of mind that your fur baby will be well looked after while you are gone. In Lymm, cat boarding is recommended for, not only your peace of mind, but also for your cat’s well-being. At our facility, you don’t have to worry whether your cat has been fed on time, or if he has been locked out the house and is cold and miserable. You can rely on our expert and animal loving team. You can also rely on regular meal times with top quality animal food. We offer cat boarding facilities that are made with cats in mind. Each cat that boards with us will be housed in his own fully heated chalet. We also have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site, which means that should your cat require medical attention, he will be seen to immediately. If your cat has a special diet or is on medication, we are happy to ensure that he receives what he needs.

Choose cat boarding in Lymm for your peace of mind. We do request that your cat is fully vaccinated before coming to stay with us. To find out more about our cat boarding facilities, and our rates, please contact Roe Clare Cattery. You are also welcome to pay us a visit and have a look at our cat boarding facilities. You will leave, knowing that you have made the right choice!