Dog Kennels in Knutsford

Dog Kennels in KnutsfordSelecting dog kennels in Knutsford can really mess with your mind. It’s natural to transpose human emotions to our dogs because they are as important to us family members. Since we tend to view them as children we give them the emotions a child might experience. We suffer at the thought of leaving them at a kennel because we imagine they are fearful and lonely. The feelings are so strong, many would rather stay home if they can’t take their dog with them on trips.  Anthropomorphism is the big word assigned to this expression of emotions. We tell you all that because we want you to know that we understand the bond you have with your dog. We also want to assure you that it’s okay to board your dog with us and have a nice worry-free holiday.

Breaking your dog’s usual routine will leave him a little confused. So, in Knutsford, dog kennels take immediate steps to make him comfortable with a similar routine of feeding, playing, walks, resting and sleeping. As pack animals, they quickly adapt to their new pack. Some will jump in and participate right away and others will take a day or so to observe and warm up to us. The daily activity serves to distract. That distraction helps the dog adjust quickly. It’s important the dog not be left home alone with just a neighbour looking in to feed, water and walk. The dog will become stressed during those long hours alone. He could also suffer illness or injury.

Leaving your dog in our dog kennels in Knutsford is often the best solution. With us, they are cared for by people who love and understand animal needs. We know how to keep them safe and relieve any signs of stress. You may be able to take your dog with you but really, most dogs do not like to travel. Even though they are with you the experience may cause anxiety which gets transferred to the rest of the family. Contact us and arrange to visit our beautiful rural location and meet our staff and animal guests. We think you will feel reassured by the comfort and safety we provide for your dog. We don’t short change on the attentive play, belly rubs, ear scratches and exercise either. He will feel safe with us.