Kennel in Dunham

Kennel in DunhamA kennel in Dunham is the best place to leave your pet if you’re looking for first-class pet care when you’re away at work or on holiday. With Roe Clare Cattery at your service, your favourite pooch will feel right at home! We specialise in looking after precious feline and canine pets. Our environment is a relaxed and loving haven for your pet. Our caring staff members will tend to your pet’s every need with affection and love. We endeavour to provide plenty of play and exercise time as well, similar to what you would do for your pet. What makes our kennels so special and different from others? Our kennels are warm, comfortable and very spacious so that your pet will feel right at home! Each space is entirely heated so that your dog feels safe and secure when you’re away. Since we’re located in the beautiful countryside of Cheshire, you can be sure your pooch will get plenty of exercise.

For pets in Dunham, kennel service is right around the corner at Roe Clare Cattery & Kennels. Our goal is to provide your pet with a loving and warm environment. While you’re at work, you can relax in the comforting thought that little Spot is well looked after. The importance of finding a suitable place for your pet cannot be emphasised enough. When pets are separated from their owners, be it for a couple of hours or a few days, it puts a lot of stress on them and causes changes in their behaviour. It is through loving interactions with our staff members and giving them a home-like environment that your pooch will feel happy. Just like at home, your pooch will have plenty of opportunities to run, play, walk and even take a nap or two!

Leave your pet in the best care possible by choosing a stellar kennel in Dunham. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today if you are looking for a professional kennel for your dog while you are away. We love all animals and we will love yours too! Our kennel is truly a place where your dog will be taken care of like a family member.