Looking for a Cattery in Bowdon

Looking for a Cattery in BowdonWe hope you are looking for a cattery in Bowdon if you plan to be away from home more than a day. Some may tell you that your cat is fine alone; they don’t miss their people and they can take care of themselves as long as you leave food and water. We at Roe Clare Cattery think differently based on the research of others and our own observation. Cats may not pine away for their people as dogs sometimes do. In fact, cats may not even know you are a people. Likely they think you are a cat because they interact with us the way they would another cat; one they have bonded with such as their mother or sibling. When left alone for a long period cats will probably experience anxiety and stress. The only obvious sign of stress is often a skin irritation or bladder inflammation.

To be clear; cats do mind if they are left alone. For cat owners who care in Bowdon, looking for a cattery can daunt because most of them are similar. Usually it’s like a shelter with many cats all in the same area. You leave your cat at such a cattery and think all is well; he has other cats to play with and people to feed him. Not exactly. You see cats don’t always like other cats. In fact, they don’t like most other cats, especially strangers. They are stressed with the other cats in such close proximity. You retrieve your cat and discover he has a urinary tract infection and skin scabies. You blame the cattery for making your cat sick when really it was the stress of too many cats he doesn’t like.

With this information in mind, when you are looking for a cattery in Bowdon, consider the difference Roe Clare Cattery offers. Bring your cat to us and he/she will enjoy a private home away from home overlooking the gardens. Your cat’s temporary home is heated with access to plenty of fresh air. If you have more than one cat and they are comfortable together, they may share a sleeping chalet. Otherwise, your cat has privacy and relief from the stress. Our staff offers plenty of affection and interaction to the degree your cat enjoys it. Contact Roe Clare Cattery and visit our facility on 200 acres in the country. We understand cats.