Small Pet Boarding in Altrincham

Small Pet Boarding in AltrinchamWe offer small pet boarding in Altrincham if you want to go away on holiday and need a safe place for your little family members.  There are many kennels and catteries available but not many people take small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters and various other little animals. We have a fully qualified veterinary nurse on site who will make sure your little pet is kept in perfect health.  We make sure they are only given the best food that meets all their nutritional needs.  Their cages are kept immaculately clean at all times and their bedding is changed regularly. We make sure that they are always clean and dry and spend time playing with them and giving them cuddles so that they do not miss you too much.

When you go on holiday you will need somewhere to take your pets. In Altrincham, small pet boarding is a growing business as people start to keep little animals.  Not everyone has a yard that they can keep a dog or a cat and small pets are becoming increasingly popular.  They allow interaction between children and animals which is essential for a well balanced person. Anyone in a flat or apartment can have a hamster or a rat as a pet. Some of these small animals are very intelligent and make wonderful pets that need to be looked after when you go away. You cannot take a chance and leave them unattended while you are gone.

Small pet boarding in Altrincham is another section to our cattery and kennels. Contact Roe Clare Cattery today or visit us to view our outstanding facilities for cats, dogs and small pets. Our cattery, kennels and small pet facility is situated on a glorious farm of about 200 acres in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire countryside. There is fresh green grass and loads of fresh air for a wonderful holiday for your furry family. As many people have a cat, dog and small pet we are ideal as we will take and care for them all.