Small Pet Boarding in Hale Barns

Small Pet Boarding in Hale BarnsWhen you next go away on holiday, small pet boarding in Hale Barns is perfect for the guinea pig and rabbits. No longer do you need to find a willing neighbour to come in and feed them while you are away. Planning a holiday won’t include the search for a carer for the little animals. Small pets don’t require much looking after. All they need is food, water and clean bedding every few days. Some of your neighbours might not like the idea of feeding hamsters, or are not used to rabbits. Roe Clare Cattery will happily look after your little pets.

Wondering what to do with the rabbits while you are away? In Hale Barns, small pet boarding is one of the services we offer. A family run business, we care for all pets as though they are our own. Our dedicated staff will treat the guinea pig and rabbits with the care they need. Small pets are housed in warm and clean enclosures. Not only do we look after small pets, we also have top quality boarding kennels and a cattery. Dogs and cats are treated like royalty with comfortable, warm and clean accommodation. Our small pet boarders receive the same loving treatment with safe enclosures, clean bedding and just the sort of food they like.

If you would like to find out more about affordable small pet boarding in Hale Barns, contact Roe Clare Cattery. We know just how important the rabbits and hamsters are to your family. At home they receive as much attention as the dog and cat. We will care for your small pets as though they are at home. End your search for a carer for all your pets, and speak to us about our services.