Dog Kennels in Flixton

Dog Kennels in FlixtonWhen searching for dog kennels in Flixton, it’s a good idea to locate one before you need it. People worry about their dogs being anxious when they need to board them. But people get anxious too if they’re not completely familiar with the boarding facility they’ve chosen. The safety of their pet is the primary concern. What if he gets loose and runs away? We know from talking to our clients that is a huge worry. Other worries our clients have expressed is their dog will feel lonely and bored or fall ill. Maybe your dog needs regular medication and you’re concerned that caregivers will forget to provide it. It’s good to have those concerns; it shows you are a responsible and loving pet owner.

Those normal concerns are why we at Roe Clare Cattery encourage potential clients to visit us and take a tour of our facility. For those in Flixton, dog kennels where you board your dog should be totally familiar to you because that will alleviate your worries so everybody can have a good time. Our facility is located on over 200 acres and operated by our family. Your pet will have a heated kennel with all the comforts and lots of attention. The kennels are safe and secure. We have a veterinary nurse on staff to see after pet health and administer medications. Three long walks a day with a caregiver and time to romp in our orchard will stimulate appetite and make naps and bedtime welcome. Bring their favourite blanket and toy if you choose.

When your dog boards at dog kennels in Flixton, he will have very little time or energy to feel separation anxiety. It’s likely your own will be much worse. But again, we want to alleviate that for you by welcoming you to tour our facility. Contact us and schedule a time that works best for you. When you observe our routine, see the facility and watch our staff spread the love and attention, we think you will feel comfortable entrusting your pets care to our family while you are away. We have noticed that no matter how happy and active dogs are while in our care, they are always ready to go home with their family. A dog’s loyalty is a precious gift.